Top 10 Most Popular Smart Home Systems Review

All major players in the real estate industry are now catering to the market demand for connected homes. Alongside controlling energy consumption, the smart home systems yield an additional layer of security and convenience. Utilising the smart devices for managing the security, thermostat, and lights of your home are much more to luxury while going by today’s standards. All of these are a necessity for enhancing the quality of human life.

All that you need to bear is an affordable price for making the most of these smart home systems.

Check out a few smart home systems that are quite popular in the market:

1. Amazon Echo

It comes with a hands-free speaker that enables you to gain control over smart home appliances with its voice-enabled support system rendered by Alexa. It even extends support to devices launched by Wink, SmartThings, Nest, Samsung, Ecobee, and Philips.

Primary features:

  •         Matches all user preferences and voice modes uniformly
  •         Delivers updates automatically
  •         Compatible with Fire, Android, and iOS

Price: $180 approx.

2. iBotRoomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Most of us have witnessed a massive improvement in automatic cleaning robots. This is just another model that continues to grow even better. You can make the most of it by cleaning all the large floors of your home or business. It just recoils into the charging base when it lacks power and then resumes its unfinished task.

Major Features:

  •         It enables a smooth suction as the extractors do not get tangled.
  •         It supports scheduling of cleaning time with a free app.
  •         It gains power while trudging through the carpet automatically.

Price: $884 approx.

3. Haiku Home L Series Indoor or Outdoor 52-inch WiFi-Enabled White Ceiling Fan Bearing LED Light

It is a ceiling fan with smart features that combine with Alexa to deliver cooling with full voice-control. It has been uniquely tested to keep any wobbling, clicking, and rattling at bay. It has also gained popularity due to its integrated LED light. A mobile or remote app comes pre-installed in it to ensure much-simplified control settings.

Primary features:

  •         Multitude of colours
  •         Star-rating for energy consumption
  •         Compatible with Android and iOS

Price: $475 approx.

4. Oco Wireless HD Video Surveillance Monitoring Security Camera

A combination of 3 distinctive wireless security cameras enables you to check all movements around your home with the help of any smart device. Any false alarm gets controlled with the help of motion and noise sensors that support intelligent-learning. It even provides push notifications to keep you alerted of potential risks.

Primary features:

  •         Two-dimension audio
  •         Integrated mode for night vision
  •         No monthly charges for monitoring
  •         Availability of storage based on cloud technology

Price: $400 approx.

5. Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro

It is a smart mirror that captures various forms of lighting and pulls your beauty regime to a new high with the aid of advanced technology. It includes the natural rays of the Sun and recreates them very quickly. The sooner you approach it gets activated automatically. The free app helps you to control the settings very easily.

Primary features:

  •         The duration of a single charge is worth three weeks
  •         Possesses integrated LED lights of a surgical-grade
  •         It yields considerable support towards Alexa

Price: $400 approx.

6. Piper Home Security Smart System with Night Vision

For those of you that need to get a live stream of all activities around your home, it is essential to get a smart monitoring system. It will provide you with a handful of crucial information concerning your house like that of the weather reports. In an attempt to thwart the efforts of potential intruders, you can use other vital features like that of the loud alarm and the dual audio systems. Apart from the integrated night vision mode, you will even be able to use the 180-degree rotational feature of the HD camera.

Primary features:

  •         Option to choose colours
  •         Compatible to
  •         Android and iOS
  •         No charges for monitoring the household

Price: $272 approx.

7. Dropcam Pro Video Monitoring Security Camera with Wi-Fi

It does not take much time for you to set up this security camera that comes with a wireless feature. You can achieve a complete home monitoring system at your disposal within 60 seconds. Apart from featuring dual audio, zoom, night vision, and pan mode, you will even be able to enjoy a video resolution that is twice as clear that\n that of the previous one.

Primary features:

  •         Cloud video storage facility comes for an extra cost for 30 days.
  •         Compatible with the iOS
  •         Compatible with the Nest

Price: $270 approx.

8. BeON Home Protection System

A smart home system cannot do without these smart bulbs. Under circumstances when they undergo power outages, their battery backup turns them on automatically. In the event of someone triggering the alarm or doorbell within the house, it will turn active automatically. Once you adjust the settings, this system will read through your habits and pull the lights on whenever you are at home. Likewise, it will put them off when you leave the house.

Primary features:

  •         It is handy for both outdoor and indoor usage
  •         Yields battery life of up to 4 hours
  •         Compatible with Android and iOS

Price: $200 approx.

9. Zmodo Wireless Smart Security Cameras

It is a complete package that offers four different cameras to facilitate home monitoring. It yields a bullet-style wireless projection that ensures a resolution worth 720p for monitoring outdoor activities. You will find it much more comfortable and less time-consuming to follow the outskirts due to a single-click setup on a weatherproof surface.

Primary features:

  •         A plethora of camera packages to choose from
  •         Yields warranty worth three years and support for a lifetime
  •         Compatible with Android and iOS

Price: $175 approx.

10. Crock-Pot Smart Wifi-Enabled WeMo 6-Quart Slow Cooker, SCCPWM600-V1

This one is a slow cooker with WiFi that cooks your dinner within a stipulated time frame. There is also the WeMo application that helps in adjusting the temperature and cooking time for serving food in the right manner. You will enjoy much safer food as compared to other means.

Primary features:

  •         Compatible with Android and iOS
  •         Ensures simple cleaning and proves dishwasher safe
  •         Comes with handles that provide a cool touch

Price: $125 approx.

Apart from being reasonably priced, these smart home systems come with a simple setup. They are also compatible with numerous hardware systems besides being expandable and user-friendly. There are a few free apps present in these devices, which you can run on your PC and smart devices. These apps ensure both simplicity and effortless control in your busy life.

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